J. Ryan Thigpen

Assistant Professor

Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

University of Kentucy

Email: ryan.thigpen@uky.edu

Tel: (859) 218-1532

Ph.D. Virginia Tech, 2009

I am drawn to understand fundamental structural, tectonic, and geodynamic processes and their associated linkages. To do this, I investigate complex structural, thermal, and dynamic evolution from both forward and inverse approaches. This includes characterizing particle P-T-deformation-t paths and material properties (generally from field mapping, mineral equilibrium, geo- and thermochronological, seismic, core, and well-log data), developing 2-D and 3-D geologic models and restoration scenarios, and testing the geodynamic validity of these interpretations using finite-element modeling. I believe that the integration of field, analytical, and computational techniques represents the best method for solving complex geologic problems. I apply these techniques to a range of problems, from integrated geomechanical and basin analysis studies to holistic characterization of orogenic wedge evolution to recent uplift. Also, I work on a number of industry research projects and have strong relationships with a number of companies, including Rockfield Global, BP, and Pioneer Natural Resources. I am also an avid rock climber and mountaineer, a skillset that is critical in many of the areas that we work.

We are always searching for new students to join our group. Please contact me if any of our research is of interest to you.